What do I look for in a Construction Company?

Nuances of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Construction

Since interest rates are quite a bit higher than 2 years ago, you may be looking for how you can use your existing lot to build. You can use funds you’ve saved up for this rather than having to close on a new loan or mortgage. What do you look for in a construction company?

Type of construction

Most companies specialize in residential, commercial, or industrial construction. You may think, “why does that matter?” Each type of construction can be unique. The intended use, materials, and timelines for example can be quite different across these types of construction. There are a few companies like MB&R Contractors that cross across all three, but it’s not that common. 

Types of materials

Residential construction is for single family use. Homes are often built out of wood frames. This is a cost effective option and meets the needs of a single family. The interiors are very customized and often quite different from home to home. The materials are purchased in smaller quantities to be able to finish out individual rooms. 

Commercial construction is often built for servicing the community. The space is built for heavy traffic and appealing to the tenant. Retail spaces, restaurants, and medical offices fall into this category. Aesthetics play a major role in the design of these spaces. 

Industrial construction is quite different from commercial construction. The focus of these spaces is on manufacturing and distribution. These spaces must be extremely functional and although they are clean, they aren’t always the prettiest. That’s because these spaces aren’t for the public. With efficiency, many factors come into play in these spaces such as energy consumption, air temperature, safety, and much more. Because of this, there are specialized materials used to meet the needs of each specialized industry. A good example of this is in the painting as we discussed earlier this year.

Project management

The project management styles are very different for the different types of construction. Many companies work with subcontractors and have to organize when each of the specialties can be onsite to do their part of the project. Residential projects are smaller and therefore have different types of subcontractors than the commercial and industrial ones. Smaller jobs also mean a smaller payday for these workers. Because of this, your project manager has to build a strong repertoire with these third party resources to ensure his projects are prioritized. 

MB&R Contractors doesn’t use subcontractors. They have all of the specialty staff on their team. This allows our projects to move at a faster pace as our project managers always know when team members will be available for their jobsite. 


Don’t forget to talk to your friends, coworkers, and other companies in the area when you are selecting a construction company. You want to know that deadlines were met, that the communication was clear during the process, that there weren’t any surprises in the billing, and that the construction was high quality. 

If you are looking to start a project, MB&R Contractors is here to help. We take on residential, commercial, and industrial projects with our own in-house team.