About MB&R Contractors

MB&R Contractors, Inc. is a ground up general contractor supporting Industrial, Commercial, and Residential clients. We provide a full array of services while providing quality service and on time completion for a reasonable price. Our team is highly skilled and provides a wide variety of construction services. We understand construction delays cost our customers money. Because of this, we’ve built MB&R Contractors to fully service customers in-house with our own skilled team members executing construction projects. This results in full control of construction timelines and on-time delivery of high quality builds to our customers.

Jonathan Rich

Jonathan is native of the Lowland, Tennessee area. Jonathan, better known as “Dynamite”, was raised on a farm and was involved in the construction industry from a very young age. He and his family are active with their church and youth rodeo programs. Over the last 18 years, Dynamite has gained extensive experience in the industrial, commercial, and residential industries. You will find that Dynamite has a proven track record when working directly with stakeholders, project managers, engineers, and subcontractors.


Charlie Bryant

Charlie is from Dandridge, Tennessee and holds a degree from the University of Tennessee. Charlie has owned and managed several successful businesses over his career, as well as being involved in the construction industry from a very young age. He and his family are very connected with our local community, church, and youth rodeo programs. Charlie has 15 years experience working in various capacities in the commercial and residential industries. This makes him a strong asset in customer relations, project costing and management, as well as risk management.


Jason Miller

Jason, from Newport, Tennessee, has owned and operated a successful concrete business. He and his family support the local community and are active in their church. Over the last 20+ years, Jason has gained extensive experience managing a team in various size concrete projects from residential to commercial and even industrial. His work shows that he is a hands-on owner who knows how to not only get the job done, but get it done right the first time.