Full Service Construction Company

When looking for a contractor to complete a job there are so many options on the market. You can hire a general contractor that oversees lots of subcontractors, a one man generalist that does all of the work himself, individual subcontractors who you oversee yourself, or a general contracting company that does all of the work in house. Even within each of these options, you will find a wide variety of price points. MB&R Contractors, Inc is a general contracting company who completes all of the work with their own laborers. We think we have the best model to complete work for our clients effectively and efficiently while keeping costs under control.

Strong construction background

Our leadership team is a three man team who works closely together. Jonathan Rich who is known as “Dynamite” in the Lakeway community was born to play in the dirt and build things. He’s been part of the construction industry since a young age. Over the last 18 years he has built relationships in the industrial, commercial, and residential industries. He’s always learning and building his skillset to solve construction problems for clients. He wants the job done right the first time. This strong work ethic runs throughout the company. The work to build each project as if they were doing it for their own family.

Effective relationship management

The second partner is Charlie Bryant who holds a business degree from the University of Tennessee. Charlie is in tune to customer needs. He works to always “listen first”. If you truly hear your customers' pain points you can anticipate their needs and outline any risks in the project. He manages the projects and the supplier relationships so that timelines can be met. Staying ahead of the curve allows project costs to better stay aligned to budgets. He believes that strong project management and communication prevents surprises. 

People management

Jason Miller rounds out the team. As a successful owner of a concrete business, Jason knows well the ins and outs of daily operations. Jason believes you cannot ask your team to do something that you aren’t willing to do yourself. He leads by example which helps to motivate our team members. This Christ like attitude plays out to have a more positive job site. Studies have shown that positive thinking reduces stress on the job and helps you to do your work more effectively. 

Our team is successful because we see projects through from beginning to end. We listen to our customers’ needs, solve their problems, and leave them satisfied with a finished project in a timely fashion within budget. In the construction industry you cannot ask for a better experience. If you are needing residential, commercial, or industrial construction, please reach out to our team. We would love to put together a plan for you and discuss budget friendly options like Nucor Building Systems.