Energy Efficient Metal Buildings

NUCOR Building Systems

Are you looking to construct a building quickly for your personal or business use that can go up quickly, provide a comfortable space to work, and safely store equipment? If so, you may want to consider NUCOR Building Systems.

Local regulations and requirements

When standing up new construction, you have to abide by local building regulations. To make this process easier, engage a local construction company with a solid reputation who has a thorough understanding of these codes. Experienced construction teams will have an expertise in acquiring permits and ensuring projects don’t lose momentum due to inspections. 

Top quality building construction

Multiple construction teams will have experience with steel building construction. You want to make sure you are using the best products that fit together well and withstand the weather elements. NUCOR Building Systems fit this bill. Look for local partners who specialize in NUCOR. 

During the summer months, you will appreciate an energy efficient building. NUCOR is designed in a way that can reduce energy consumption through multiple ways: 

  • Metal Panel Paint: reflects the sun’s rays which prevents heat absorption and leads to lower energy costs. This also helps the exterior of the building to be fade resistant and extends the life of your building. 
  • R-Boost Elevated Roof Insulation System: this features a bridge between the initial and secondary layer of blanket insulation which doubles your insulation capacity.
  • Insulated Metal Panels: these wall and roof panels fit together perfectly preventing gaps, cavities, or cold bridges. The sleek look is remarkably light weight which reduces structural requirements and insulation costs. 
  • Prismatic Skylights: reduce lighting consumption by admitting some of the sun’s natural light into your building during daylight hours. Many find they can dim or turn off lights when these daylights are installed in their building. 

Whether you are looking to construct a metal building for industrial purposes, commercial use, or even farm storage, reach out to MB&R Contractors. We can discuss with you how a NUCOR building can meet your needs and keep your business or equipment safe while also providing a comfortable place to work. Our team is a local full service construction company who can help with design, permitting, and installation and leave you with a completed project on time and within budget.