Concrete Installation

The crossroads of function and aesthetic

Would you like to know a fun fact? Water is the most used substance in the world. Any guesses on what the second is? It’s concrete! The most widely used building material has lots of applications and finishes. Let’s discuss a short list of those.

Concrete Slabs and Footings

Slabs and footings are all used to support a building structure. These foundations help to evenly distribute the weight of a building while keeping moisture out. You want to make sure your building is going on solid ground that won’t move to support the integrity of your structure. To pour your concrete base for your structure, you first have to prepare the ground. You want a flat place to build your building. Then you will frame out the area and enforce with rebar where needed. Your concrete is poured into the framing. A professional will ensure your concrete is poured to the appropriate thickness for the structure that will go on it. You want to make sure your building doesn’t move after it is erected after all.

Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks

Concrete is also widely used for driveways and sidewalks. Not only does concrete need to be the appropriate thickness for these areas, but joints must be placed correctly to help prevent cracking. Reinforcement is used on driveways to provide structural capacity. The science behind the concrete is even more sophisticated. Different materials can be used, the ratio of the mix must be configured, and even the mixing process comes into play. All of these can be configured to properly withstand higher psi. The higher the psi your surface can support, the more weight the driveway can withstand without showing wear. 

Concrete Finishes

Concrete can be stamped or stained to provide a more finished look. This can be used in a wide variety of applications including: walls, outdoor patios or pathways, indoor or outdoor flooring, driveways, and more. Using this type of surface for driveways and patios improves curve appeal while being affordable. You can select stamps to mimic the look of brick, slate, flagstone, wood or other materials. To ensure the finished product looks realistic, multiple colors can be applied.  

Regardless of your finish, a professional will ensure your concrete is poured on days when environmental conditions are best. The concrete will be properly leveled and then set up to cure so that there aren’t cracks or integrity issues. 

Resurfacing Concrete

When there are small cracks, concrete can be resurfaced. Large cracks require repair. To complete this process, an overlay is applied to the concrete to improve the aged and discolored look. With refinishing material you can change the texture of your surface, apply epoxy coating, change the concrete texture, apply a stamped finish, and even lay a cooling finish.

MB&R Contractors has a team specializing in concrete for clients of all sizes. We can discuss your concrete options ensuring the product is supporting the building or machinery onsite. Your finished product will be sure to meet your aesthetic desires. In addition to concrete installation, our team is a local full service construction company who can help with design, permitting, and installation and leave you with a completed project on time and within budget. Please reach out to us and let us help you on your next construction project.